Is Kasim Reed the male Shirley Franklin?

Atlanta’s current mayor has a lot in common with his predecessor. 

Much like Shirley FranklinKasim Reed has enjoyed a successful first term and will easily win re-election. The plaudits are mostly deserved.  

Each curried favor with the city’s business leaders by focusing on tourists while generally neglecting those who live here. But it’s hard to hold that against them, as Atlanta has operated that way for generations.  

Unfortunately, Reed seems to be every bit as thin-skinned as Franklin, whose defensiveness tainted her reputation and ended what once appeared to be a bright political future. 

Take Reed’s ill-advised indignation when called out on his nakedly political road to Fire Island conversion on gay marriage.

Before supporting same-sex marriage, Reed was a consistent supporter of civil unions despite intense pressure from LGBT voters. During the 2009 race, he dug in his heels, even though it meant losing the support of this crucial voting bloc.

PolitiFact defines a Full Flop as “a major reversal of position.” Reed’s change fits the bill.

Reed was none too pleased about the “ruling.”

The mayor and his allies rallied Facebook supporters to tweet that:

If you’re on twitter, please tweet this to your network:

On issue of #MarriageEquality: Mayor Reed DID NOT flip-flop. @KasimReed got it right! #LGBT #GaPol #AJCFalse

Reed was against gay marriage. Now he’s for it. Call it what you want, but it’s not consistent. 


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